A Storm Brewing

Friday again, and also yet another month has rolled around with us now about to enter July. I must be having fun…

I thought I would post this shot today with the new that tickets for the View from the Shard are going to go on sale next Friday at 9am. Get up there quick before the windows get dirty!

The main features in this shot are the Gherkin peeking it’s head into the image, the lovely Shard, a slight glimpse of Tower Bridge, the Strata Tower and also the large new building being built which is commonly called the Walkie Talkie and which has now topped out.

I reformatted my PC last night so it’s running a little quicker, and things such as OnOne and NIK Software open and run on a first attempt and without having to wait 15 minutes per action – hurrah! (though I doubt that will last long, must start thinking of building a new one)

Enjoy your weekend everyone.