I’ve now been to Prague twice in my life, both for ICANN meetings.

The first time was a few years ago, and I extended my trip over the weekend to enjoy what the city had to offer, however I was sick during my trip and spent those extra days sleeping in the hotel or curled up in a ball in the shower – it was not a nice trip.

The trip I took over this weekend was much better and without illness (if we don’t count the hangover). Unfortunately I had very little time for sightseeing, but did carry around the NEX-7, and as one of my morning meetings wasn’t going to be starting until 11pm I decided to head up the Astronomical Clock Tower where I knew I would get a great view – both internally and externally.

Though most people are fascinated by the clock itself, and rush over on the hour to see it in motion, it’s the lift shaft within the tower that I was there to see – it is a gorgeous piece of work.

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