NYPD Traffic

There are a couple of things I noted New York has more of than London. Taxis, and police cars.

When I was walking to B&H one day on my trip I rounded a corner and found a nice row of police vehicles lined up on the side of the road; police were milling around but none seemed to be in the respective cars so I headed into the middle of them for this shot. With hindsight I wish I had gone down a little bit lower, but at the same time I was surrounded by police so may have looked a little suspicious if I had sunk in between all the cars 🙂


So yesterday I went over to the O2 arena for their opening day of Up at the O2, a new tourist attraction where you can climb over the arena itself. It was pretty good fun as an experience, and it’s always nice to get another vantage point of London, but we didn’t have the best weather for it. I only had the iPhone with me so here are a few happy snaps I took from up there:

2 thoughts on “NYPD Traffic”

  1. For some reason this image just speaks “New York” to me, Michael. Maybe it is the fact that it seems so typical of New York cops, all over the place and doing nothing police-like.

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