Shard Facade

I took a quick walk around the Shard with John on Sunday as I hadn’t been up close to it for some time and wanted to see if there were any decent photographic angles coming up. I think this was the best one that I managed to find, and was pleased that a few trees allowed me to block out the buildings that were between myself and the subject.

I also found I wasn’t really in the mood to do any night photography on this trip, which is odd. I think I have spent so long not taking photos, or just using the cameras hand held during the day that I’m now used to that.

In other news, tickets have now been booked for a short trip to Iceland next month, hurrah. In preparation, and because it’s about time, I wish to upgrade a few of my items so am on the look out for the following, with the tripod the only t:

Camera bag – should be able to carry a lot of camera gear and, ideally, items of clothing – plus fit on a plane. Budget up to £200.
Tripod – ideally a 4 section which is light, budget of around £250.
Tripod head – to suit whatever tripod I get – budget up to £250.

Scott Wood has suggested checking out the Induro range of tripods (thanks), but I was also considering Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 and Giottos GTMTL8350B. Any other recommendations, or just details on what you use and if you would recommend, appreciated.

The bag is a tricky purchase and I have been holding off for a while making do with my Lowepro 300 Flipside and a Crumpler backpack. Time to step it up a little.

2 thoughts on “Shard Facade”

  1. Mike, I’ve got one of these, which is very good –

    The problem I found with a lot of the bags which are sized for flight hand luggage is that they were close to the allowed weight limit before you put any gear in them. I’ve taken this bag to India with a couple of 5D mk2 bodies, 4 lenses (including 70-200), flash, light meter and video light. Not much good for clothes though.

    Love the shot of the Shard btw. 🙂

    1. That’s a pretty nice bag, but perhaps not quite what I’m looking for; why is it so hard to find such a simple item? 🙂

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