Look The Other Way

Another day, another hangover.

I grabbed this shot while waiting at Kings Cross underground station over the Jubilee weekend. Not much to say about it other than that, especially due to the condition I am in (see first sentence).

Further to my note of yesterday, it appears that Nikon did indeed go for .nikon, perhaps left with no choice after Canon announced their intentions early on. Likewise Sony and Olympus also went for their on names. .photo, .photos and .photography appear to have been applied for by non-brand owners so it will be interesting to see how these may be used in the future, and which ones of these may pass the initial tests for conflict.

2 thoughts on “Look The Other Way”

  1. Wonderful shot man. Like the look.

    Personally I think this is going to be a bad move for the interwebz. I think it’s going to make things MUCH easier for spoofers in the early offset and maybe for years to come. I think companies are going to need to buy up their standard .com address and just have a redirect to their vanity plate?

  2. Perhaps it will be a way to prevent spoofers. Let’s take .MrMuscle as an example string. If you were wishing to buy authentic Mr Muscle and wasn’t sure where to go with so many fakes out there, then being able to go straight to .MrMuscle would allow your users to know they are buying from the correct source. Now replace MrMuscle with the name of any brand, especially the luxury goods industries. One of the issues with .com and search engines is that they are a) cheap, and b) wide open to manipulation. Anyone selling counterfeit goods can easily buy a .com and get on the search rankings for the goods they are selling, and then just jump to a new .com when the first site is shut down – you can’t do that with a new gTLD.

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