I Heart Central Park

Actually, I heart New York itself, but I was in Central Park when I saw the smoky remnants of a message that was being written in the sky. I simply saw the heart following by XO, and so quickly rushed around trying to find decent breaks in the tree coverage to nab a few photos of it. The message was broken up, the heart was about to do so, which means this was one of those images you’re just glad to be out there with your camera, and fortunate to be standing in a place to see it.

In work related news, today is ‘Reveal Day’ where we find out who has applied for what under new gTLDs. Canon are going for .canon, for example, so I wonder if this means Nokia will also be going for .nokia – and if anyone is going for .camera or .photo? The silliest one I’ve heard so far is Google going for .lol. Fun times.

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