This is England

This is my first shot with the new Sony NEX-7, and it’s a shot I would not have without that camera.

After winning the NEX-7 body in a photo competition earlier this year my plan was simple. Sell the body, and then that’ll give me around £900 which I can put towards a 14mm lens for the Canon 5d Mark II. As I was moving, and had a trip to the US, and then a trip to Sweden planned I just never got around to putting it up on eBay as I needed to have the time to send it to the winner once done.

I navigated my way through the US trip with my large DSLR and just the 24-70mm glass, and went to Sweden cameraless. It was in Sweden that I thought a light, compact, but powerful camera may actually be a useful addition to my gear, especially with a work trip to Prague coming up soon. And so I went from selling the body for £900 to spending £200 on a 16mm lens for the Sony.

It’s not as flat as it could be, but at least it does fit clumsily into my jacket pocket.

With that, I was on my way home from work on Thursday night and saw the umbrella you see in this shot. As I had a camera with me, I decided to pause and capture it. I would not have usually been carrying a camera, so this was a result.

Processing was pretty minimal; it’s a single exposure which has had the ‘Brandon’ filter applied using Perfect Effects 3 by OnOneSoftware. I masked in a little more of the umbrella colour which was lost behind the filter. Finally I straightened up a few lines and cropped the image slightly to get the image you see here. I didn’t bother sharpening the image up at all, so the NEX-7 with 16mm glass does appear to be nice and sharp.

I like this shot, and if there is one thing better than a Union Flag to symbolise England, it’s an umbrella.

On an unrelated note, good luck to England in the Euro 2012 game against France tonight. I managed to get England in the sweepstake so am obviously overjoyed.