Nap Time

Did I mention that New York was hot when I was there? Well it was. I spent the Saturday morning walking through Central Park, with a hangover, trying to scurry from one patch of shade to another in order to avoid getting sunburn. Thankfully I wasn’t rushing anywhere during my trip so I could just relax to get to wherever I wished to go.

After my first burrito in the Flatiron district I felt a little sleepy myself to be honest, but I had places to go and things to see so no time for snoozing. Not like the fella. I bet he had a burrito too, and then the satisfied belly plus sun overhead meant he could do nothing but try and catch 40 winks as the tourists and cars passed by.

I took the opportunity to grab a few photos, hoping that the clicking of the camera would not stir him from his slumber. For him to wake up and catch me aiming a camera at him while he slept….awkward!

Have a good weekend all.