New York, New York

On my first night in New York I headed to the place which was my #1 go to location for this trip, the Top of the Rock. I headed up about an hour before sunset and took in my first look of the city from up high, an awesome view for sure.

I was lucky with the weather, as I managed to stay up there for hours without a jacket, watching as the sun set over the city and the the transition for day to night arrived with the blinking on of office lights and neon signs.

The Empire State building is one of the most iconic in this city, and the fact you can see it so well from the Rock, along with the fact the space up top is better planned for people and photographers, makes this location better than the Empire State for views to be honest. Sure, the Empire allows access up to the 102nd floor, but sometimes that’s just a little too high. You only really need 30 or 40 floors to get a great and detailed view of what’s below you.

I don’t yet know New York well enough to figure out what all of the buildings in the shot may be, but you can see the Empire State Building, obviously, the under construction World Trade Center Towers, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island in the distance and…well…you can go ahead and name any others. I would be interested to know what the prominent building on the right is.

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