Nyack Sunrise

My first port of call on my New York trip was actually to a village just outside the city, called Nyack. Here I stayed with a friend for the night, ate some excellent sushi, and awoke in the darkness so I could wander down to the Hudson river and see what shots I could take as the sun came up (pre-6am trespass signs were here, but not as enforced as in New York itself).

There doesn’t seem much to do in Nyack, but it is pretty.


I’m now back from Sweden, after a 2 hour flight delay meant I missed the sensible transport options back to London and so only arrive home in the early hours – so pretty tired today. First trip to Sweden, here are my thoughts:

Everyone seems so very nice.
It’s pretty expensive.
They are very pleased with themselves for winning the Eurovision song contest.
The women there are lovely, and hot.

I don’t need to go away again until the end of June, so am very much looking forward to a little rest and relaxation over the coming Jubilee weekend.

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