I’m sure most people would recognise this iconic statue. When heading out for a bit of sightseeing in Washington D.C this was one of the items on my hit list; I had seen it so many times in movies and TV shows previously that it was one of the few places I knew here alongside the Capitol, Washington Memorial and, of course, the White House.

Unfortunately the reflecting pool that sits at the foot of the statue housing is currently under repair; therefore covered in construction and empty. This spoilt the scene a little bit from my mind image had in place – but never mind.

Friday at last, and I should take delivery of a new hard drive today which means I can actually import the images I took when in the US. Hopefully a new desk will also arrive so I can set up the PC and have a decent space to work from in the new flat. Have a good weekend all.

3 thoughts on “Abe”

  1. Fantastic processing Mike! It’s a really great shot, I don’t know what it looks like with that pool anyway, so the picture works brilliant for me as it is.

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