Brooklyn View

I got up at stupid o’clock one day in New York so that I could go to Brooklyn under the cover of darkness and try to take a few skyline shots as the sun came up. I wanted to be in the tree area shown at the bottom right of this shot, but as it was my first time to this area I failed in that.

Firstly, it took longer than expected to walk from the metro station of choice to this part.
Secondly, I gathered I would walk a relatively straight line to get to the area I wanted, and not be cut off by a freeway in between me and the intended location.
Thirdly, I had not anticipated a camera taking my photo and telling me I was trespassing for entering the park before 6am.

I guess people save that sunrise location for the time of year when the sun is coming up a lot later.

I settled for this view instead, which wasn’t quite as I wanted but will have to do me until my next trip there.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday, and a great weekend ahead.

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn View”

  1. ohh that’s hard!!! the challenges we have to go through when trying to achieve a good photo.
    anyway I have to say I’m in love with this view, outstanding the lights in the buildings, well done

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