Metro Lights

My first trip to New York resulted in my first trips on the metro system, and the only thing I have to compare it to is that of the London underground. Here are my thoughts on the differences spotted:

1) The NYC metro seems to run all night long – this is awesome, especially when heading out to Brooklyn for a sunrise! Ours stops around midnight/1am.
2) The NYC metro didn’t seem overly busy at the times I was moving around on it. The London underground is often jam packed and rather hot and uncomfortable for it.
3) The NYC platforms seem to get litter removed, but not actually cleaned. I think the London tube staff do an excellent job of keeping it all clean and, well, less sticky.
4) The cost to ride in NYC is much better than here, $2.25 for a single journey instead of something like £4.30.
5) We have ‘rats’ that are small moused sized. NYC really have rats!
6) The London underground has swift trains throughout the day, arriving every couple of minutes on a good schedule. In NYC I was never too sure when a train may turn up, and it wasn’t always signposted at each station.

This last point did allow me to take a few shots here and there though, which is how I managed to get the above image 🙂

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