One World Trade Center

I visited the 9/11 memorial on my last day in New York.

I had been in Washington D.C earlier that week and attended a party at the Newseum where I had seen an exhibit on this historic day, and the antenna from one of the towers that is on display there. Much of the video footage in the exhibit was new to me, but still just as shocking; it was a very sobering thing to see at the party.

The memorial itself was being treated by most people as a simple tourist attraction where they felt they could sit and have a picnic and let their kids run around and climb over everything. Security weren’t too impressed with this and were happy to remind people that they are visiting a memorial, and that it’s unlikely the parents would allow their kids the same freedom to run over burial mounds in a graveyard so to show the same courtesy here.

I liked the memorial, I thought it was well designed. I visit memorials at most destinations when on holiday and read the names of people who have been lost; this is the first one I think I’ve visited where it means something more than a day in the past to me though. I remember this one happening and unfolding on the television in front of me, as I’m sure all of you do.

The above shot is taken from within the memorial, looking up at the under construction One World Trade Center. Once complete it will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, the third tallest in the world. I love the USA for that.

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