Watching Time Vanish

Friday. Again. Already.

Not to mention we’re about to hit May!

Today’s image was taken in an abandoned bank in central London where I also took The Vault image. Pretty much everything had been removed from this location, but the room I like to think of as the ‘control room’ where it appears the telephone switchboard was had these three missing clocks indicating time in New York, London and Paris.

This weekend will see me hopefully signing for the new flat and packing, but not before John and I hit an open bar at the Natural History Museum tonight.

4 thoughts on “Watching Time Disappear”

  1. you and John have fun tonight and have a Sherlock’s Ale for me will ya? Tell him I said howdy too. Cool shot here, and going thru some of your other posts you sound busy! It’s great news though with the print sales, exhibition, etc. Congrats my friend!

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