Apocalypse Whenever

We end the week exactly where we started. My Eternal Sunshine image on Monday featured a nice bit of sun, and you can see a bit of land in the distance. The image above is from the exact same spot but using a different lens; there was a helicopter doing a few acrobatics around there that day – but it was too small to capture very well with the kit I had. As I said on Monday, you don’t need to move far from one spot to get a different shot.

The structure you see silhouetted on the right of this image is Pendennis Castle which was one of the mighty fortresses built by Henry VIII. We didn’t pop over there on this occasion, but it was nice to get it in this shot.

Out of interest, here are the other three shots I have taken from this location:


Sunset on Moss

Eternal Sunshine

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Whenever”

  1. Awesome! What can I say that’s a great use of dawn light. You’re right mate you don’t need to pick different spot for different shots. What you need is a little bit thinking & tactic. Well done man!

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