Today we have a shot of the famous Stonehenge which I visited last year on my way back from Cornwall. Though I have known of the stones for what seems like all of my life, I had never visited them before so it was nice to finally do so. As always, Wikipedia (which I link to in the first sentence of this post) has lots of information should you be as clueless as I was and wish to learn more.

In other news, what’s going on. Well, I’m still flat hunting in London for a nice new place to live. The properties I viewed last night were grim, so I may wish to proceed with the one I saw the night before – if only I can get the estate agents to give me straight and honest answers.

I found out overnight that the apartment I have booked in NYC has now had a legal notice to cease all sublets immediately, so as well as looking for a place to live in London, I’m now once again looking for a place to rent in NYC next month. This sucks.

Work has calmed down a lot, but we’re now waiting on a delayed system to reopen before the final push can be made; and this means I get less time to do the flat hunting.

On the photography side I’ve now sold my first image in a shop based in Covent Garden, which is nice. I need to get them another copy of the image and may have to speak with them about a few shots to sell in time for the pending Olympics.

I’ve also sold my first images via Getty with 3 sales in March. I get more cash from the solo shop sale than via Getty, but I guess them’s the breaks when dealing with a stock place like that.

Oh, and I also have images in an exhibit which is ongoing at the moment and continuing through May in various locations. The exhibit, ‘No Briton Is An Island’ is organised by The Photographic Angle who approached me to take part. Various venues in London, Slough, Crawley, Uxbridge, Greenford and Bristol, possibly also Leeds and Croydon, are showing items from the Exhibit, I’m just waiting for a breakdown as to which of my images are being shown in which of these locations so I can try and pop along to one of them and see them.

That’s about it I think. Move along now, nothing further to see here.

6 thoughts on “Stonehenge”

  1. Wow congrats on all the good news!! Stock sites are rubbish for money but the print sale is a bit good. Also congrats on the exhibition. I hope it cos to croydon then I can definitely pop over.

  2. wow first of all congrats for the photo, is beautiful, the sky looks very dramatic and love the contrast with the green tones of the grass. awesome work as always.
    congrats for the selling, I’m sure many more will follow.
    as for the search for the house, which areas are you trying to find? I assume east London right? Did you check Canary Wharf Area? Or Greenwhich? I even considered moving there, but as I work mostly on the west side, I went for Kew Bridge area.
    Good luck 🙂

  3. Well done on the sales, even if it’s not exactly making you a living (yet) it does give you a good feeling doesn’t it. The stock agencies generally are very canny about paying the photographers. I’ve sold through one before and didn’t realise in the small print you have to sell £x amount before they pay you so they have sold images that photographers still haven’t been paid for! That’s life! The shop sounds like a good arrangement though.

    Finally, as for Stonehenge, as usual I like your processing. I do think your crop is a little tight though, I think the stones need a little more room to “breathe”. Of course I don’t know if you were cropping out some bloke in a bright red jacket or something!

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