Primrose Skyline

This is the lovely view you get from Primrose Hill when you don’t have a lens that zooms further than 70mm.

It was taken on Sunday during my first trip out with the camera since I can’t remember when, and it was an uneventful evening as far as photography is concerned, I hope James and John managed to get a few more shots than I did. I think after a stressful month at work though it was just nice to walk around, even though I was a little bit brain dead.

This shot was taken as the sun was setting behind us, and the funky orange sections on the buildings was the sun reflecting on the glass. In the shot you can see Canary Wharf, the Barbican, St Paul’s Cathedral, the BT Tower, Centre Point, and also some tall structure right in the middle – not sure what that one is 😉

5 thoughts on “Primrose Skyline”

  1. wow, I have to return to that place at end-of-day. The light is just gorgeous, love the sharpness and the colours in the skyline

  2. I love the shot. Never mind that your lens can’t zoom further, the resulting photo is still amazing.

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