Somewhere to call a home

If my poor tracking of days is actually correct, then today is Monday and I have a final busy week at work before things calm down a little. Next weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing, getting out with my camera and, as influenced by the title of today’s post, looking for somewhere to live.

I need to leave my lovely little flat and my ten minute walk through the park to work and find elsewhere to call my home. I guess I need to establish what my priorities are, location, size, cost, living alone etc and then crack on with looking for somewhere. If any of my readers just happen to be owners of a London property with a skyline view and which isn’t being used, then now is the time to speak up 🙂

There may be another exciting piece of news incoming also, but more on that a little further down the line.

One thought on “Somewhere To Call A Home”

  1. Good luck with the hunt. I was wondering, when I heard the news about an unscheduled visit to the higher levels of the Shard, if you were out up there sizing up the apartments!

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