Tree Lined

During my recent photowalk with Dylan, James, Jay and John we ended up at this point around Millbank. Everyone was happily walking along when I called out for them not to take a step further, as if I had just seen a landmine they were about to step on. Actually I had just seen this stretch of path out ahead of us and wanted to try and take a shot of it empty before it was ruined by joggers…or fellow photographers.

I added a lot of contrast to the dark areas of the shot during processing, and think it is interesting to look at the original in comparison to how the completed version came out:

original tree lined

4 thoughts on “Tree Lined”

  1. Great shot Mike, I do like your darker shots myself, you have given it a eerie feel too it, well done mate!!

  2. It’s really interesting to see the before and after versions. It’s a perfect illustration of how a good shot can be significantly enhanced by good processing. The processed shot has much more atmosphere.

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