National Maritime Museum

Another image from the trip we made to Greenwich last weekend, this time looking straight down the hill at the National Maritime Museum and with Canary Wharf starting to come to life in the background.

You’ll notice the green line which runs across the shot; this is the laser that signifies the path of the Prime Meridian. I think the laser works well in some shots, but in this particular one it just cuts through the scene without any real compositional value – which is a pity.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend; can’t quite believe it’s April already!

3 thoughts on “National Maritime Museum”

  1. wow impressive view really, love the background contrast with the museum itself. And I agree with you concerning the laser, in this case it cuts the composition, fortunately is not very distracting.
    well done 🙂

  2. I tend to agree with you about the laser. I might even have tried to clone it out. I might not have paid it too much attention if you hadn’t mentioned it though. That aside I love the processing and the timing of the early evening is perfect.

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