No Money Back, No Guarantee

This was a fun shot to do. The building in the image is the HM Revenue and Customs on the north side of Waterloo bridge.

A few of us had just watched a firework show form the top of KRT (for those familiar with my work you will have seen lots of images from that location, which is shown in this image at the top right. It’s the silhouette behind the bit of red, which is the OXO tower) and after being escorted out of there, our last successful trip up to date, it was a little early to head home. Thus, we found ourselves here before moving on to a third location.

The stream of passing cars below were a great bit of added interest, and the fisheye essential to be able to get all of the required features fully composed.

Thanks to everyone for their comments, retweets and so on over the past few weeks. Life is a little hectic just now with long hours at work, needing to find a new flat and so on – as a result my online interaction is minimal. I hope to be back into the flow after April 12th.

4 thoughts on “No Money Back, No Guarantee”

  1. Did you used a fisheye lens in this photo? I wonder how you managed to get the effect.

  2. I always wanted a fisheye lens but never really thought I’d get my moneys worth. I think they work really well in urban situations and this is a prime example of what can be achieved with one. Great composition – which I guess actually becomes harder with a fisheye avoiding feet and such like.

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