Citi of London

It’s nice to be able to take a shot from high up in this area, but a pity that I’m not square on against these lovely buildings as the angles makes me dislike this image a little more than I should. I’ve sat on it a while and my opinion isn’t changing, but thought I would offer it out to the blog anyway to get other views on it – plus being I’m pretty snowed under at work so haven’t had any processing time lately.

In that light, apologies for the lack of communication in your own photoblogs and on twitter etc; I hope to find a little time this weekend to catch up.

4 thoughts on “Citi of London”

  1. I do take your point about not being square on, but I do think that the shot has plenty of merit anyway. I’m with Mark about the road on the right, in fact I really like the whole right hand side of the image in particular.

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