Battersea Power Station as taken from the BT Tower sometime last year.

A few photographers including Conor, Jay and John took a trip up there in the name of some charity we have likely forgotten the name of because, yes, it does need awareness and funds, but really we just wanted to get a nice vantage point over London.

That doesn’t mean that I dismissed the champagne reception, of course, as it’s perfectly possible to both hold a champagne glass and take photographs. At least, it is when the glasses can be refilled for free and you don’t mind smelling a little bit of alcohol of the rest of the day after spillage.

The glass up there is horrid. Double paned and dirty to boot, so taking decent shots was actually pretty difficult at times; I still came out with a few usable ones though.

One thought on “Battersea”

  1. Place looks so packed with buildings. Nice work. And yes, I found holding a beer and taking photos a true test 🙂 (Wine works too)

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