Olympic City

London is fortunate enough to be hosting the Olympic Games this year. There are several negative sides to this, namely the increase in people and the effect it may have on our infrastructure, and also the fact that the area where I live is going to be the Media Hub for the games and will see 5,000 press people coming in to stay; this inevitably means I’ll be facing long queues at Waitrose.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to the atmosphere and cash it will bring to this wonderful city.

A few weeks ago I took a walk up to the site of the Olympics to see how they were getting on, and here’s a shot from pretty much as close to it that you can get with regular public access. The large structure on the right, which looks like leftover metal from a roller coaster, is ‘Orbit’ by Anish Kapoor which will act as a monument and a viewing platform once the games have gone.

It was a horrible day with rain pouring pretty much non-stop so I didn’t get to take too many photos that day.

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