On A Ledge

During my trip to Scotland last year there was one spot we arrived at where we wanted to find and look at some old wall engravings; and there was a geocache or two in the area that I wanted to try and pick off.

On our way to find get things we found ourselves on this nice large rock that was hanging over a river, so I took the opportunity to set up the tripod, a little precariously, on the edge and take a seat for a selfie.

This appears to be a popular spot for people to go to, as many people have made engravings of their own into this rock and which you can see when looking closely.

Friday at last, again! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “On A Ledge”

  1. That’s funny, I don’t hear about that to much. Sometimes before I go out on a trail I check to see if there are any caches near by! Gotta sign my name ya know…

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