Friday already, and I thought I would end the week with a shot of Canary Wharf taken a few weeks ago while I was out with Dylan, James and John. As I was taking these exposures a boat drove wandered sailed past and left a nice light streak across the bottom third of the image; I would have liked it to be a little closer to leave the trails slightly lower, but am happy enough with what they add to the shot.

It was a pretty cold night and we had contemplated walking to Greenwich from here, around 2 miles, and back up through the foot tunnel to Canary Wharf. Instead we jumped back on the tube to go back a stop, and a few shots later ended up in the pub. This was followed by a brief trip to London Bridge and another stop in the pub.

I’m officially going to stop calling them photowalks and refer to them by the appropriate title of pubcrawls very soon.


Last week I celebrated one year of this photoblog and posted a few of my favourite shots from the previous year. Thanks to everyone who voted for their personal favourites out of this batch, I’m pleased to announce that your preferred shot was The Day The Music Died

4 thoughts on “Wharf”

  1. wow this is really beautiful!!! The view is just amazing, gorgeous really!
    What’s the best spot to photograph the view from top? I see it every week when I’m about to land, but therefore I can no longer take any photos. it’s really beautiful

  2. perhaps call it a photo crawl? I hope to get back there so we can do that again – great image of the skyline and the light trail, and of course that piano shot is freaking amazing!!

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