Smoking Gun

The HMS Liverpool was recently docked in the Canary Wharf area for a day and were kind enough to let the general public aboard to take a look around the top deck and check out a few missiles and such. I popped along with John who has a boat fetish and seems to know the ins and outs of them, which comes in handy if I have any questions as I can just point to something he’ll be able to indicate what it’s for. I’ve no idea if he speaks the truth of course, but if there’s one thing I like better than learning stuff about boats it’s sure to be learning lies about boats.

Towards the back of this battle ship someone had parked a helicopter, though with it’s tail hanging over the edge of the ship I’m not too sure if it was really meant to be where it was. It did have a nice big gun on it though, and so I popped up onto the seat to place myself behind it and get this shot with my hoodie character.

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