Winter Tree

I’ve never shot images in the snow before, I don’t think, so when I went out on Sunday for a quick walk with Dylan and John I found myself with a new challenge to contend with. Though most of the snow in London had melted away, there was still a little bit left in the park areas, and as we were in Greenwich park there was enough left on the ground to be a recognizable part of any image taken, even if it wasn’t the freshest snow in the world.

This image was taken shortly after the sun had gone down as we headed along to watch a firework show. As it was dark and there was little light in the park I was surprised by how much detail I was able to see in the tree, which is no doubt due to the light reflecting off of the snowy surface. I would love to be in an area that has snow over a period of weeks where I can actually attempt to learn about how it affects and image, and how to capture it well; in the meantime I’m happy to just have a go and see what comes from a shot which I know is there on a compositional level.

2 thoughts on “Winter Tree”

  1. Hi Michael,

    The best tip I was ever given about shooting in snow was to dial in some extra exposure compensation to cancel out the camera trying to expose as 18% grey. Usually 2/3 to 1 1/3 stops does the trick depending on sunlight.

    1. Thanks for the tip Elliot – I’ll try that out next year when the snow returns to London 🙂

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