Sunset Wheel

A few weeks ago Dylan and I met up on Waterloo Bridge to try and take in a sunset. It was cold, and the sunset was less than spectacular, plus I don’t think either of us had the groove on for taking shots that day. We left the bridge quite quickly and headed for the National Theatre to pop up to the balconies and take a few elevated shots from there.

After getting to one of the top balconies we were swiftly met by security who asked if we had permission to be there taking photos. I asked if we needed permission, and he responded yes if we’re taking shots of the building. It appears aiming outwards, the way we wanted to, was okay – even with tripods. He gave us details of how to get one level higher and off we went.

As mentioned, the sunset was not a very good one, but I liked the colour behind the wheel at this point and managed to shoot this image which on closer inspection appears to show no people in the pods. I don’t know if it was closed for any particular reason that day, but it’s a pretty rare site.

Although the rest of our mini photowalk was pretty lacklustre I did actually manage to get away with quite a few shots that evening afterall.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, I’m off out for a photowalk tonight, then out of London tomorrow and then on a photowalk Sunday afternoon/night – as long as the pending snow doesn’t ruin everything of course.

8 thoughts on “Sunset Wheel”

  1. This is a lovely shot, it might not be the most stunning of sunsets but there is enough colour to make it interesting and allows the wheel to still be a main part of the picture. Sxx

  2. It is a beautiful picture of the sunset wheel. But the edges are kind of blurry and staring at the edges makes me a little dizzy. I always love sunset photographs. And ferris wheel ride seems remind me of the past. Good luck in capturing more stunning photographs in the future.

  3. Wonderful shot! Seems like the world in a big cycle. The timing of the click is apt and gives a good look to the photograph.

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