Grave Wolf

I took a nice wander around Brompton Cemetery over the weekend. I haven’t been there for ages, and don’t think I had a camera the last time I went so it was nice to get out there and shoot some of the fascinating graves that they have there.

Since getting the 5d Mark 2 I have been using the 24-70 non stop. This is really due to the fact only this lens and the nifty fifty work on the full frame, my other glass being for the cropped sensor. I enjoy it though, it’s good quality and I love the depth of field you can get, as seen by this shot which has no other focal blur added in post.

9 thoughts on “Grave Wolf”

    1. Cheers Chris – I need to revisit and spend way more time actually looking at the detail rather than just doing a quick pass through, I bet there’s lots more like this to be found.

  1. That’s a cool shot man. lens looks nice too. I have been thinking of getting a 5d, but I’m hoping they come out with the mkIII and fix the focusing problems. Until then, sticking with my hacked T2i.

    1. Cheers. It was a big decision to go for the mkII when I know the mkIII is just around the corner, I thought it safer to buy this one when I had the ready cash rather than not buy either as I spend it all too easily 🙂

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