Coastguards Cottages

On a recent trip down to East Dean I popped over to Hope Gap to take a few shots of the beach and cliffs in that area. On my walk back from there to the Golden Galleon in Seaford where I was due to have a spot of lunch I stopped to take a photo of these cottages.

The other shots I had taken of these cliffs from this area pretty much had no focal interest to the right of them due to the fact it was nothing but sea, so it was nice here to be able to get a glimpse of them and use the cottages as the main area of interest, and to squeeze in the bench for that little something else.

Although there is still quite a bit that is not really doing anything, the sky and the grass, I still feel that there are three very separate areas of interest at different depths with the bench, cottages and then cliffs.

Again the overcast day was doing nothing for the colour in this image so turning it to black and white seemed to do the trick for me.

9 thoughts on “Coastguards Cottages”

  1. I think black and white suits this much photographed scene, giving it that timeless feel. The bench is good and I like the fact that you have some separation between the cottages and cliffs, not easy when including the bench.

  2. Great shot with the 3 focal points front, centre and rear of your composition, super B&W effect, excellent work once again Mike

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