The Last Stop

Not too much to say about today’s image in this write up; instead, I’ve created a video on how I processed this image from the original exposures through to the end product. Apologies it’s so long…there was me thinking I spend 20 minutes on an image when this one is twice that.

So…my first video attempt at recording a screen, webcam and audio and I have a few notes about it.

1. My PC used to be top notch, but now struggles to handle so many power hungry applications.
2. Uploading the video seemed to lose a little of the quality.
3. Hope you can understand my accent, even though it’s a little out of sync with the webcam.
4. Grab yourself some wine/beer/whisky and drink along with me while I’m at work.
5. Enjoy, and please do leave feedback. What do you do that I don’t, what have you learnt, what questions do you have, etc.

Here’s the original image and the video follows that.
The First Stop

8 thoughts on “The Last Stop”

  1. Really interesting to see how you created your image. I crop as one of the first steps of my workflow (if I need to) and always apply my sharpening at the very end. Love the final result.

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