Pan Drops

Pan drops are a mint sweet, however the title fits here due to the angle from which I’m taking a photo from the Pan Peninsular in London and combined with the fact this is the location where I managed to drop the 5d Mark 2. As said before, I luckily dropped it to my feet and not over the edge where it would have had this nice long drop to the ground below.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend 🙂

18 thoughts on “Pan Drops”

    1. Cheers. Well, the 5d survived for a week and then played up, and is now in the repair shop for a hefty bit of surgery.

    1. The view from here was awesome, and not a usual one as I’m normally more central than out East when going high – made a great change.

    1. Cheers – I was tempted to do this in mono but when I saw the colours disappear I knew that was the wrong choice.

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