Alight Here

Day 4 of my week long mini-series on shots from the London underground network.

Interestingly, though the network is indeed called the London Underground the majority of it, nearly 60%, is actually overground and not in the depths of long winding tunnels.

This image was taken while heading out to a photowalk with Dylan, John and Jay, and was from the front of a DLR train which is operated without a driver, hence why a front seat on this train is possible. The windows were shockingly poor to shoot through, quite thick and with lots of grime, but I managed to salvage this exposure somewhat in order to process it and, though dark, clean it up quite a bit. Luck played a strong part with the train in the opposing station pulling out as we came in.

I hope you can join me tomorrow for the last show in this mini-series, it’s certainly one of my favourites of the week.

7 thoughts on “Alight Here”

  1. Good one Michael. The windows on those DLR trains are filthy aren’t they – it’s always put me off trying. I have a few DLR ideas which I might have a try at shooting on Saturday having seen this. Thanks for the inspiration. The whole series has been really good.

    1. Thanks Elliot. I think one of the reasons this image is so dark is to get rid of the filth that was on the window. When the camera was away from the window by a few inches it seemed to create it’s own dirt vignette, so had to push the camera right up to the glass to get anything usable. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Like how the elements on the left are still while the other train is blurred and pulling out. The lines and vanishing points are also quite good! Nice work!

    1. Thanks Jim – the timing on us approaching the station as the other train departed was very lucky. 🙂

  3. Love this shot, looks like you are standing on the tracks, which would certainly make for some interesting pictures ;o) Sxx

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