Stand on the Right

This is day 3 in my week long mini-series of shots from the London Underground.

This one comes with a message that all users of the underground should adhere to, otherwise be branded as both a tourist and as annoying. Sure, the escalators are pretty narrow, but it’s certainly wide enough to accommodate two flows of traffic. If you’re standing, do so on the right. If you’re walking up or down, you should be able to do so freely on the left without having to dodge in and out of people.

Again, not too much work done on this shot. It’s a single bracket that I put through a few PhotoTools filters. I was pretty poor at kneeling and keeping everything straight and centered so I had to do a little perspective crop work to get it looking as symmetrical as possible.

Hope you’re all having a good week and enjoying this mini-series, just two shots left to see this week.

18 thoughts on “Stand on the Right”

  1. Good shot.

    I find it a constant source of frustration and annoyance that London in general and the tube in particular is the only place where such esculator discipline exists. I’m always thinking “Get on the f***ing right if you’re just standing there!” wherever I am in the country.

    The other week there was some poor sod with two suitcases to lug about and so he was stood on the left as the only place he could to support the cases. Fair enough, annoying but not a lot he could do. A small queue built up behind him as he neared the foot of the esculator. Then some muppet comes storming through yelling “Stand on the right” pushing everyone out of the way and making this guy and his suitcases fall and block the foot of the esculator. Nice one.

    1. Ha. I find it very frustrating when they don’t stand on the right, more so when people are just oblivious to their surroundings, but in that situation I think I would have been happy to form the queue and wait – it’s not as if they take that long to get where they’re going. I too think the same regardless of where I am…and feel that other places should adopt the same rules, which would mean less people get it wrong.
      Thanks for checking out the image, and for commenting.

    1. You are of course free to stand where you like, but by doing so you will face the thing us Brits do best – impatient tutting. Cheers

    1. Thanks Mara. I was hoping nobody would ask the question of which station this one…as I now forget. I entered the tube at Southwark, and took shots there and at Waterloo. I think this one was the Southwark station but to be honest am not 100% confident of that answer.

    1. Thanks Pete, this week’s shots have had a very nice reception and hope to do another one at some point.

  2. Wow! I have used these escalators more times then I can remember and I didn’t reconize it straight away. Probably because it’s usually so busy ! Stunning photo though.

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