Watching Waterloo

Image #2 in this week’s mini-series of shots taken on the London underground network sees us remaining at Waterloo station.

I’ve seen variations of this shot before, but never had an attempt to do so myself. However, as I stood there with this series in mind I opted to give it a go, and found myself on a relatively empty platform. I had to wait a little while for people to move out of the shot, both direct and in the reflections. I stayed in this spot as I wanted to include the CCTV camera in the image.

It’s not too heavily processed, mainly just running it through a few of the PhotoTools filters. I did flip the final image horizontally so that the reflected wording of the station name was legible in this image, I just preferred that to the mirrored version.

Oh, and if you look closely you’ll see the reflection of me taking the shot in the middle of the image 🙂

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