One Nation

Walking home after my trip to Regent’s Park earlier this week I noticed this CCTV camera which really jumped out at me. I think the fact it was on a building that was full of panes of glass was what did it, and I quite liked the reflection I could see in the glass. I shot a few handheld brackets stood from directly beneath it and like the end result.

In a world that is now full of CCTV I think it’s easy just to accept that they are there and ignore them, and in many ways it’s good that they are unobtrusive. I feel so, anyway, but I know many people disagree and don’t feel they are of any real benefit to society and certainly don’t deter crime. I think they work though…and they have certainly thwarted me on several Urbex trips, so someone is watching them and acting on any behaviour deemed suspicious. I’m just glad there was no security at this building because they would ask why I’m taking photos of their security cameras, and the only valid response I have is ‘because it’s there’.

The title of the post is taken from this Banksy image which I thought was quite fitting for this shot. Let’s face it, it was going to be this or something relating to Big Brother and 1984.

6 thoughts on “One Nation”

  1. Police State!!! But I think you know where my thoughts are on CCTV and surveilance. Nice shot though, they’ll get you under the Terrorist Act or something if they had seen you. Sxx

  2. Who’d have thought to take a pic of a camera on the side of a building? Nice eye! It does look odd with the paned walls, though. Really like the processing Mike!

  3. Almost abstract. I love that diagonal line from the Lt side of the frame. ‘Because it’s there’ sums it up so neatly. One can’t explain what draws one to capture some images – they just draw us in.

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