I was a little lazy over the festive period, but on Monday I decided to head out to Regent’s Park for a few hours with Ray and take a few shots. I was travelling light, with just the camera and the 24-70 glass on me. The BlackRapid strap that I’ve had so many issues with in the past works excellently with this heavier, longer lens – I only have issues when using the 10-20 or 50 prime as the back of the camera sits against my thigh with those lenses.

I didn’t want to carry anything additional, so mostly stuck to single exposures with a few handheld brackets along the way. I would like to do more shots that are non-HDR and this, surprisingly, is one of them.

I liked the way the hose was just sat there, and it was unfortunately behind a fenced off area which I couldn’t be bothered to go into which means it does have a little bit of the distracting metal to the left. On a more energetic trip I may have moved the metal out of the way a little so I could get a clean shot.

Not too much was done in post process, I sharpened it up and ran the Urban Sickness filter over it in PhotoTools and that’s pretty much it. I was surprised how much the end image looks likes it is HDR, but can promise you it isn’t.

5 thoughts on “Hose”

  1. I really like that shot, nice and simple but interesting at the same time. I don’t mind the metal laying beside the hose, just adds to the detail without distracting from it. Sxx

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