East London

This shot was taken from Broadgate Tower during the Open House Weekend early this – oops – I mean last year (it’s going to take a while to get used to saying that).

The dome on the left is the O2 Arena, which I still often call the Millennium Dome, and then the main buildings of Canary Wharf to the right. I shot at 100mm on a cropped sensor with a cheap lens, handheld, 3 brackets and behind a sheet of glass on a sunny day. As such, the quality of the original brackets is not very and it took a bit of effort to clean up the image as best as I could. By the time I had done so, this tone was the only thing that was making it workable for me, and I quite like how it turned out.

Today’s a nice day, and the last one before work continues once again, so I’ll hopefully find the motivation to head out there for a few hours later and start off my 2012 photography.

4 thoughts on “East London”

  1. Would never have guessed you had had problems with this image – a great result. The way the buildings appear ‘stacked’ would have suggested a much longer lens had been used. Nice one

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