‘Beachy Head’ on the South Coast of England is a corruption of ‘Beauchef’ which means Beautiful Head[land] in French and was the name given to this stretch of cliffs up until 1724.

It’s interesting what you find out on Wikipedia when struggling to find a title for an image!

So, this is the last new image you will see from me in 2011 as we’re quickly approaching the New Year. I’m going to put up a post tomorrow with a roundup of some of the images I’ve posted here since the photoblog began, and then it all starts again on Monday – hurrah!

2 thoughts on “Beauchef”

  1. You have a great ability to put your own unique stamp on a subject. Excellent composition. Nice too to see an image of this spot that is not a ‘chocolate box’ image. Happy New Year to you.

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