A Grand Entrance

Another shot of the Freemason’s Hall in London. This one was taken on Christmas morning where I was able to stand in the middle of the road and frame as I wished to do so without fear of people walking in the shot or cars running me over.

The problem with the festive period is I keep thinking it’s a weekend and forgetting that I should be uploading an image every day…so the chances are I’ll accidentally miss one upload this week.

4 thoughts on “A Grand Entrance”

  1. Awesome photos! This is the best site with Canon photos that I came across after several months of focused surfing. It is just amazing!
    Thank you!
    Dim Nikoloff

    P.S. Could we discuss a JV with you?

  2. I really like the range of tones and how it all produces a very textural look. I like the symmetry of everything, and how the architectural elements convey an impression of a heroic building. Very nice work, Michael.

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