London Sunrise - Panorama

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So this is the last post before Christmas, which seems to have rolled around once more with the stealth of a ninja, and what better way to celebrate than by providing a shot for Santa to guide his way through the London skyline by way of a panoramic. Be sure to check out the larger view for all of the detailed goodness.

I love the skyline of this magnificent city, though must admit the Shard is an issue. Yes, it’s one of my favourite buildings at the moment and I try and shoot it whenever I get high up…but it does mean that I have to have a lot of sky in the shot above the other buildings, just to give the Shard room to breathe. Luckily this shot was taken as the sun was coming up and there were some nice clouds in the sky so it at least offered a bit of focal interest throughout the shot.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, whatever you may be up to. Happy holidays, and happy shooting.

4 thoughts on “London Sunrise – Panorama”

  1. great panorama – there are some lovely colours in the sky on the far right. London looks pretty special at this time of day. Have a great Christmas

  2. hello Mike, your shots are so amazing! mind if I ask where were you when you took this photo? Also, can you recommend any other good locations in London to take a picture of the Skyline? Thanks!

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