The Drop

A view straight down from the best rooftop in London; she will be missed.

Had the work Christmas party last night, which was good fun, and have opted to take the day off. Sensible Mike remembers the last Christmas party that was held on a weeknight and decided it was safer to have a day off rather than risk working in a horrid state. In the bar after the meal, where the second round ordered were tequilas, I was thinking I had certainly made the right choice – though I feel alright this morning.

I should use this time productively to do something like Christmas shopping (it’s still ages away….right?) but know that I’ll only end up buying stuff for myself if I attempted that.

5 thoughts on “The Drop”

  1. You trying to give me vertigo, that’s probably what I would feel like if I had had a few Tequila’s anyway ;o) Nice shot (wait, that wasn’t trying to be funny), an interesting perspective. Sxx

  2. Cool shot, man. But it’s part of the fun to go to work the next day and be hungover with everyone else – at least that’s what I tell myself every year 😉

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