Slanted Scoop

Another trip back to More London today and another shot of City Hall, this time at a bit of a slant.

I’ve heard a few people complaining lately that they have faced issues with security in this location, not just when using a tripod but at times when they are just using the camera hand held. It’s such a shame, as this is a very photogenic place and the more photographers shoot it, the more exposure it gets and the more we will see visitors to this magnificent city will want to go there.


I’ve been flying under the radar this week. My head has been down, and my days consist of work, a little socialising and a lot of attempting to sleep. I have my reasons, but won’t bore you with them at this time. It has meant, however, that Christmas is suddenly creeping up on me and with 10 days to go I have not bought/sent any cards, nor have I even thought about who I need to buy gifts for, let alone what to get them. I have been giving a little bit of thought to 2012 however, and though I’m not one to make resolutions there are a few things I want to do in the near future to assist with my photography. I’ll share these with you in due course, but #1 on the list is having my eyes checked out. My vision has been getting progressively worse over the years and it’s about time I bit the bullet and got some glasses or contacts. I can spend 12 hours or more a day sat behind a PC and I don’t think that helps me at all, but lately I’ve found myself straining at times and after trying a work colleagues glasses on for fun I realised how bad my vision had become – scrutinizing all of these pixels certainly has taken it’s toll.

6 thoughts on “Slanted Scoop”

  1. That puts a new slant on a familiar landmark (excuse the pun!). Actually it looks very strong on the diagonal and your usual excellent processing. I think Xmas has crept up under the radar for a lot of us, and I’m sure the crazy weather in late autumn had a lot to do with it. Damn cold today!

  2. Great choice for the composition, really adds a lot of interest into what already looks like an interesting place that has most likely been photographed quite a lot.

    I agree about the whole Christmas thing, here it is the 17th of December and the wife and I have done absolutely ZERO to get ready.

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