Blue Sands

Blue hour on a beach in Scotland can be a beautiful time, it certainly was in this instance. I have a few shots from this location and though not all of them process very well, the ones that do have turned out quite well.

I think this scene needs something to it, and my imagination sees the bones of a prehistoric creature that have washed up.

Alas, my photoshop skills disagree and think that this minimal shot is enough to go on with.

8 thoughts on “Blue Sands”

  1. I’m agreeing with your photoshop skills, unless you could have found a unicorn to put in there! Seriously Mike, I love the absence of anything in the middle of the frame. Great mood!

  2. Wonderful work. Have you ever thought of entering images for the ‘Take a View’ competition? Exhibition of this year’s work is on at the National Theatre. I think you could do rather well if you had a go.

  3. I’m still waiting for the castle with a magestic stag, aliens are optional.

    Lovely shot though, how warm were your feet at this point? Sxx

  4. Love it. My imagination sees a pirate ship wreck in the scene. 🙂

    I have a Lee Foundation Kit on my Christmas list this year, and really looking forward to doing long exposure coastal shots after we move near the ocean this spring.

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