I’ve sat on this image for quite some time and it’s only recently that I’ve warmed to it enough to post. I’m not sure why I didn’t like it, but I think the slight imperfections in the way it’s lined up has had me not wanting to publish it. I feel differently as I write this and quite like it, especially the stars glimpsing through in the night sky.

For anyone unsure, it’s Nelson’s Column which sits in the heart of Trafalgar Square in London.


With my latest additions to my camera bag, namely the 24-70 glass and the Speedlite, I have suddenly found that my camera bag is way too small for the regular stuff I want to carry around and so I must now look for a new one. Suggestions from others on bags to buy would be wonderful…here’s what I usually carried in my current bag and my criteria for the new bag:

Stuff I carried in the Lowepro Flipside 300:
Canon 500d
Tripod Head
Sigma 10-20mm
Canon 50mm
Canon 18-55mm
Samyang 8mm
Wireless Remote Trigger
Wired Remote Trigger
3 77mm Filters, boxed
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
4x Memory card
3x Batteries
Tripod (mounted on rear of bag)
Cleaning accessories
First Aid Kit

Sometimes – but due to space I couldn’t carry all.
Canon 55-250mm
Canon Speedlite 580ex II
Flash remote trigger/receiver
BlackRapid RS-4
gloves/scarf/hat/urbex mask

The Canon 24-70mm with the hood takes up a little too much room for this bag, so that’s why I need to buy a new one. Plus, I wish to upgrade to the 5d Mark II in the near future, so that will need to fit also.

Considering the above, I now need to consider the following (note I won’t usually be carrying two bodies):
Canon 5d Mark ii
Camera Grip for the 5d Mark ii

Ideally, I would like the bag to be suitable to take on planes.
As I dabble in a little urbex now and then, I also want the bag to be able to squeeze through reasonably small spaces, such as allowing it to stay on my back as I climb ladders of scaffold or cranes.
The tripod mount would be better on the side, than on the rear.

I know I want the moon on a stick sometimes, and I can’t always have that – but any suggestions on what you currently use which fits similar gear comfortably would be awesome – either in the comments or via email/twitter/shaved into a dead badger.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.

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  1. You have really got a lot of stuff to put in your camera bag. I think you must go for DSLR camera bags. They are the best and all the stuff will also fit in!

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