This shot was taken on a photo walk not so long ago…but long enough for me to forget who I was actually out with that night.

It’s the Shell building which sits behind the Millennium Wheel and which you would have seen in several of my other images as it usually gets in the way when I’m taking photos of the wheel from up high.

At the very top of the building you can see window cleaning apparatus. I would like to be sat on that to check out the views, however nobody is allowed out on to the two side viewing galleries now as there was an incident there 5 years ago. Some say suicide, others a tragic accident. A 75 year old who had worked in the Shell tower for pretty much all of his life had returned to take photographic mementos of the building and, as he was striving to get focus on Clock Tower and the surrounding area he managed to topple over the chest high barrier and fall to his death.

Seems a bit odd that someone could fall over a barrier that’s chest high, I sometimes have trouble climbing them when they’re that high. As such, I rule that it was suicide – though I must hasten to add I am neither a doctor, nor a licensed investigator so my claims are purely speculative.

Either way, he’s ruined it for everyone.

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  1. As I recall it was me and a friend of yours. You took this as the security was glaring over in are direction. Great image. Love the sharpness of your images… always

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