The Fog

I was stood waiting for a boat at around 9 in the morning on a cold and wet Scottish morning. The boat would take me across this little expanse of water and would be followed by an 11 mile ride in a minibus to Cape Wrath, the most North-Westerly point of mainland UK.

I liked how the fog was wrapped around this mountain, and though I couldn’t muster the energy to get my tripod set up, I did reel off a few handheld shots to try and capture this view which, to me, was what my trip around Scotland was going to be full of. As this was the only morning with the fog and and rain, the rest of the time being bright blue skies, it was going to be the only chance I would get on this trip.

4 thoughts on “The Fog”

  1. Great atmosphere throughout this shot – I like the gritty processing and the wreathes of fog providea perfect finishing touch. Excellent work

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