The First Thanksgiving
Lego Wars is a monthly contest held by Chris Nitz, itโ€™s free and fun to enter so why not play along with us?

This is my entry for last month’s Lego Wars which was on the subject of ‘Thanksgiving’. As a Brit, Thanksgiving doesn’t mean very much to me and so thinking of ideas for this theme did not come naturally. Originally I had thought about doing a supermarket chaos theme to do with ‘Black Friday’, however a lack of a shop ‘scene’ soon had me looking to other things for inspiration – mainly Google.

There were a few images depicting the ‘First Thanksgiving’ which I decided I would recreate in part using my Lego mini-figures. In the main scene we have the Pilgrims sharing turkey with the Wampanoag. In the foreground are a few flowers and a chicken, with the background of a tree and bull. Sure, it’s full of inaccuracies but it’s the closest I could get ๐Ÿ™‚

The setup was pretty simple. Overhead I have a 190watt 5500k light with a speedlite at around 2 o’clock. I used the 50mm prime at 1.8 to get the shallow depth of field.

When it came to processing I went for the ‘Wild West’ filter in PhotoTools as I thought this best conveyed the historical feeling in the image.

Be sure to check out the other entry in this month’s Lego Wars and vote for your favourite.

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